No two accidents are alike. Car accidents that involve bicycles are especially unique. Determining fault after any type of accident is never black-and-white. Many drivers falsely believe that if they experience a collision with a bicycle that they are immediately at fault. While it is true that cars can cause much more damage than bicycles, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a reckless bicycle can’t damage a car or injure its driver.

If you have collided with a bicycle, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Many insurance companies favor bicyclists in these cases, and it might be difficult to prove your side of the story in court. With the help of a bicycle accident attorney in Riverside, you can defend yourself in court and minimize the impact of the crash financially as best possible. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries if your car crash occurred due to the negligence of another driver.

What Laws Do Bicyclists Have To Follow?

In every state, there are different rules that dictate how bicycles must operate. However, in every state, bicyclists have the same responsibilities as motorists. They must operate with a duty of care to others and should never intentionally create circumstances that can get others on the road injured.

In the state of California, bicyclists are required to ride in a safe lane position, such as as close to the curb as possible or in designated bicycle lanes. They are required to obey all the same signs and signals as car drivers.

At night, bicyclists are legally required to use lights and reflectors in order to alert others of their position on the road. When it is dark out, bicyclists should always avoid wearing dark or black clothing and should wear reflective gear as much as possible.

It is against California law to ride a bicycle that does not have functioning brakes. If a bike is unable to stop adequately, it runs the risk of hurting those around it. A bicycle should always be sufficiently inspected for any potential damages that could harm other pedestrians and motorists around it. Breach of this law can cause serious injuries.

Under California vehicle code, it is also illegal for bicycle drivers to ride their bike while under the influence. This law includes alcohol and drugs that impair motor skills. Riding a bike requires the rider’s full attention, so if they are under the influence, they can be held liable for any damages they cause.

Can I Still Receive Compensation If I Get Into A Bicycle Accident?

As a car driver, if you have suffered an accident that involves a bicycle, there is still a chance that you can receive compensation. Cars are not immediately determined to be at fault, and bicyclists do have a set of rules they must follow on the road as well.

Negligence is the most common basis for personal injury claims. The basis for liability under negligence stems from an individual’s failures to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. If a bicyclist was found to be in violation of any of the above laws, you may be entitled to compensation.

While every injury is different, oftentimes, a lengthy recovery is needed in order to bounce back from them. During this recovery period, you may miss a lot of time off from work, which can result in you losing significant wages. Your lawyer will seek to compensate you for these lost wages so do not need to worry about paying your bills while you recover.

In addition to lost wages, your lawyer will fight for your right to receive compensation for your medical bills. This may include hospital visits, emergency room care, prescription medication, and the cost of rehabilitative care such as physical or occupational therapy. If you will require long-term medical care, your lawyer will take this into consideration as well. You should not have to suffer the high cost of medical care, especially if the accident was not your fault at all.

Can I Sue If A Bicycle Hits My Car?

Bicycles are required to be operating within the confines of the law. Although cars hitting bikes seems more common, bicycle accidents happen every day in California and it is entirely possible that the bike caused the crash. You have the right to seek compensation if you have been hit by a bicycle, and a personal injury attorney can help you get started.

First, contact The Accident Network Law Group. Not all Riverside bicycle accident attorneys offer a free consultation, but ours does. We take the time to listen to the details of your accident and determine the best path for you moving forward. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident proceeding with your bicycle accident lawsuit, and that you feel your concerns are voiced and heard.

Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, or even in some cases pain and suffering. The sooner you talk to an attorney, the sooner you can receive the justice you deserve after your accident.

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