Many dog owners fail to realize that their pet can be a liability. Even the smallest, most harmless-looking dogs can injure an unsuspecting house guest, and every dog bite in California is to be taken seriously for this reason. If you were visiting a friend or family member’s house and you suffered a bite from their dog, you may be wondering what happens next. You understandably will have questions regarding how the dog owners are held accountable, and what a dog bite claim might mean for the future of their pet.

Will the dog be put down if you file a claim? Thankfully, the state of California does not require that a dog gets put down after it bites someone. The dog’s owners are held liable for the damages caused by the dog, therefore there is no need to take further action with the dog itself. It might seem uncomfortable to file a dog bite claim against a loved one. However, filing a dog bite claim in California simply means that the dog is medically evaluated and that you, the victim, have an opportunity to be reimbursed for your damages.

At The Accident Network Law Group, we’ve helped many dog bite victims successfully recover damages after suffering a dog bite. Even if you were bit by a loved one’s pet, rest assured that there is no strict rule that requires the dog to be put down. You deserve to have your medical expenses reimbursed without the fear that your friend or loved one will lose their pet, and our accident lawyers are sensitive to this concern. We’ll help you file a dog bite claim and, chances are, you may even be able to settle out of court.

What Happens When You File A Dog Bite Claim In California?

Dog bite cases can be complicated and the laws differ from state to state. Dog attacks, and the circumstances surrounding them, including the role of the dog owner, can factor into the case. Under California state law, the owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog. Generally speaking, when you enter a friends’ home and their dog bites you, the owner of the dog is held accountable.

According to California law, dogs are required to quarantine for a minimum of ten days after they bite someone to ensure they aren’t rabid or carrying other infectious diseases. The bite victim or dog owner must report the bite to California local health officials in order to document the accident as well. If you find yourself in this situation, you should call a lawyer right away to get help with this process and to begin building your dog bite case.

There is no law in place that dictates a dog will be immediately put down if it bites someone in California. This, often, keeps dog bite victims from wanting to pursue a claim. However, always remember that filing a dog bite claim is the only way to pursue damages for what you’ve suffered. If you had to receive any medical care or went to the hospital after the dog bite, a successful claim may be your only avenue for getting these expenses reimbursed.

What Should I Do If I’m Bit By A Friends’ Dog In California?

A dog bite injury claim is considered a personal injury lawsuit. Getting bit by someone’s dog can mean broken bones, torn ligaments, and lots of recovery time. If you’ve been injured from a dog bite, you may find yourself nursing unsuspected injuries. This often leads to high medical bills and time spent away from work. You shouldn’t have to suffer the burden of paying high medical bills and missing hours in your paycheck. By filing a dog bite personal injury claim, you can recover damages for these losses to help get you back on track.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that many homeowners’ insurance policies cover dog bites. This means the family member or friend who owns the dog may already have protection in place that proactively prepared them for this moment. According to a study from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.7 million dog bites and attacks occur in the United States each year, so many homeowner’s insurance policies include this type of accident in their coverage.

Many dog bite victims are skeptical to bring legal action if the dog’s owner is a good friend or close relative. It’s important to remember that there is no such law in California that immediately enforces euthanasia on a dog that bites someone. The dog will be medically assessed to ensure they aren’t carrying any harmful diseases but won’t be harmed in any way throughout the process.

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If you’ve been bit by a friend or family member’s dog, the only way to get compensation for your injuries is to enlist the help of a lawyer. Filing a dog bite claim does not have to be a daunting process that comes between you and your loved ones. It’s important that you don’t have to suffer any unnecessary costs associated with the dog bite and that the dog is treated and evaluated to ensure they aren’t a danger to other house guests.

If you have questions about filing a dog bite claim in California, call The Accident Network Law Group today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll address any concerns you have regarding the accident you suffered and will create a clear path for getting the justice you deserve. Call The Accident Network Law Group today at (951) 291-0976 or send us an email at We have offices in Costa Mesa and Riverside, and are proud to be a resource for any California accident victim in need of resources after a dog bite.