If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to the compensation you deserve if it is found your accident was caused by negligence on the part of the trucking companies or truck driver. At The Accident Network Law Group, our truck accident lawyers can help victims receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering every day.

Being involved in a truck accident is much more complex than an accident with a standard passenger vehicle. Trucks have massive frames and are many times heavier than regular cars, causing the impact of the collision to often be devastating. Large trucks, due to their weight and length, require much more time while stopping in order to not hit the cars around them.

Trucks are maintained by the trucking company, who will likely be who you’ll be dealing with when you file a truck accident lawsuit. In many cases, trucking companies impose long and grueling mandatory hours on their truck drivers. If the truck driver who hit you was driving for an irresponsibly long time, the truck owner is liable for mandating this negligent behavior. It’s also the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure that their drivers are not operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to California state law, a person shall not drive, move, or leave standing upon a highway, or in an off street public parking facility, any motor vehicle unless it is registered and the appropriate fees have been paid. It’s the trucking company’s responsibility to abide by this law and to verify that all trucks in operation are properly registered and have passed a California state truck inspection.

What Should I Do After Being Struck By A Semi On The Highway?

First and foremost, seek medical attention immediately. If you have been hit by a truck, it is unfortunately extremely unlikely that you will walk away unscathed. Call an ambulance or schedule a doctor’s appointment right away to verify the state of your health, and be sure to nurse any injuries immediately. Be sure to properly document your injuries with a medical professional in order to build your personal injury case. Without evidence, there is no way to connect your injury to the truck accident that caused it.

Be sure to document the evidence at the scene. The most effective way to do so is to take pictures of the accident. Be sure to use flash if it’s night time in order to properly document the circumstances surrounding the truck accident. Take photos of street signs in the area, such as speed limit signs, crosswalks, or any other indicator of how motor vehicles should be operating in this specific area.

Additionally, speak to any eye witnesses and write down their testimony. The more reports you have documented from those who witnessed the accident first-hand, the stronger your personal injury case will be.

Take photos of the damage done to your vehicle as well as the damage of any personal belongings inside. Get photos of damage from many different angles in order to provide a 360-degree documentation of what happened.

If possible, take photos of the license plate of the truck that hit your car. Also try to take photos of the truck drivers’ credentials, such as their commercial driving license, their truck’s insurance, and the truck’s registration information.

The more evidence you collect at the scene, the stronger your case. Once you connect with a truck accident attorney, your attorney will help compile and sort the evidence in order to present your case before a judge, demonstrating the negligence and fault of the truck driver that hit you.

Should I Call My Insurance Company After A Semi Truck Accident?

Yes, it is crucial that you call your insurance company after suffering an accident with a semi truck. You must report any injuries or property damage after the accident. It is a common misconception that you do not have to contact your insurance company if you do not believe that you were at fault in the accident. Remember that you must always contact your insurance carrier after this kind of situation in order to properly document what happened.

After contacting your insurance company, schedule a consultation with a truck accident attorney. Communicating back and forth with your insurance company after an accident can be a daunting and challenging part of your recovery, and is hard to stay on top of while you nurse your injuries and get your life back on track. Your attorney will handle communications with your insurance agent so you can focus on healing and recovering.

Always remember that you must contact your insurance company within a reasonable amount of time after suffering a truck accident. If you fail to report your accident in a timely manner, your insurance company is permitted to deny you coverage. Avoid this risk by calling as soon as you can.

If You’ve Been Struck By A Semi Truck On A California Highway, Schedule A Consultation With A Truck Accident Lawyer

The best way to get the compensation you deserve is to work with a lawyer who understands the complexities of a truck accident case. It’s hard to stand up to a big trucking company all by yourself, and without the help of a layer, you run the risk of missing out on compensation that you’ll need to get by.

The team of attorneys at The Accident Network Law Group are committed to helping truck accident victims uncover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In especially egregious cases, you can even sue for punitive damages if the truck driver was operating in an especially reckless or depraved way. Without a lawyer, you are at a disadvantage.

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