When most of us think of traffic, we think of cars, trucks, and motorcycles that all share the road. But pedestrians are an equally important piece of the puzzle, and also have laws to follow just like other vehicles on the road.

First and foremost, pedestrians must always use the crosswalks that are designated to keep them safe. In the state of California, pedestrians are not permitted to suddenly leave the confines of a crosswalk or sidewalk and suddenly jolt into traffic. This creates a distraction for vehicles on the road, and is considered reckless behavior on behalf of the pedestrian.

Pedestrians are also not permitted to enter a car at random in the middle of the street. Cars are obligated to fully pull to the side of the road and retrieve passengers within marked, safe areas always. By entering or exiting a car in a busy location, a pedestrian puts themselves in danger.

Additionally, pedestrians are barred from walking in bike lanes as it creates a hazard for bicyclists. If sidewalks are blocked, pedestrians are permitted to briefly use the bike lane, but should otherwise keep them clear and reserved for bicycles.

All drivers do have an obligation to exercise a duty of care toward pedestrians. But pedestrians have laws to follow as well which are not to be overlooked, as breaching pedestrian laws can lead to accidents and injuries involving innocent people. If you find yourself in this situation, you have every right to contact a lawyer and hold this negligent pedestrian accountable.

If I Hit A Pedestrian While Driving Am I Automatically Considered At Fault?

Many drivers falsely believe if they get into an accident with a pedestrian that they will automatically be considered at fault. However, in many cases, pedestrians fail to follow the rules set in the palace to keep them safe, which often can lead them to be found at fault in a personal injury case. If you can prove that the pedestrian was acting negligently, you can hold them accountable for the accident.

The state of California is a comparative negligence state which means that as long as you are only partially at fault in an accident scenario, you can still be entitled to compensation that covers the cost of your damages. In many cases, pedestrians contribute to a portion of the fault in an accident situation, and car, truck, or motorcycle drivers are still able to recoup compensation for their damages.

For example, if a pedestrian purposely stepped out of a crosswalk and was walking in the lane designated for cars, this creates an obstruction for drivers on the road. If you happen to collide with the pedestrian or otherwise come in contact with them, it’s somewhat understandable as they were in your designated lane. This might place 80% of the accident fault on the pedestrian, and 20% on the car that hit them. Every accident case is unique, so talking to a lawyer is the best way to understand how the fault of your accident will be parceled out.

Pedestrian injuries are all the more impactful because every part of your body is exposed in such an accident. However, even if the pedestrian in question suffered bodily harm, never automatically assume you’re at fault in this scenario. If a pedestrian breaks the law and puts themselves in danger, they need to be held somewhat accountable for putting themselves in danger. Sometimes, cars, trucks, and motorcycles are the victim.

Do I Need A Lawyer If I Hit A Pedestrian While Driving?

It is always wise to enlist the help of an attorney if you have gotten into any kind of accident. Not all pedestrian accident cases end up going to trial. Our attorneys at The Accident Network Law Group can save you time and money and get you the relief you need by avoiding trial and negotiating a significant settlement for your injuries.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a pedestrian, never assume you’re automatically at fault. Pedestrians have an obligation to keep vehicles safe as well, and sometimes they breach this obligation. Contact a lawyer if you’ve been in an accident with a pedestrian as you still have options for recovering medical bills and lost wage compensation.

Your lawyer will build a pedestrian accident case that demonstrates the negligence of the pedestrian. Even if you believe the pedestrian is not 100% at fault in this scenario, you still may be able to recover compensation. Pedestrians need to be held accountable just as cars and other vehicles are, and you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden of the accident if you weren’t the sole cause of your accident. Your attorney will fight for your right to medical bill compensation in addition to reimbursing you for your lost wages. The sooner you call an attorney, the sooner you can get relief.

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Pedestrians have laws to follow just like cars, trucks, and motorcycles do. All passengers who share the road owe a duty of care to one another. All parties must be operating safely, and need to proactively address any hazards that could cause innocent people to get harmed.

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a pedestrian, never feel pressured to admit fault at the scene of the accident. Sometimes, pedestrians break laws that are designed to keep everyone on the road safe. If this happened to you2, the accident may not be your fault, and you can seek compensation to cover the cost of your damages or medical bills with the help of a lawyer.

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