What is Workers’ Compensation?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you most likely are unable to return to work right away. While it’s crucial you take off as much time as you need in order to heal, it’s understandable that you may be worried about your finances. No one can afford to miss a paycheck and, if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects employers against liability imposed by workers’ compensation laws for injury or death to employees arising out of, or in the course of, their employment. To be eligible for workers’ compensation, you need to prove the injuries you sustained occurred due to your job and you must report your injuries in a timely manner, among other requirements. Having eyewitnesses to any accident that caused your injuries or testimony that aids your claim can be critical in getting the benefits you deserve.

With the right personal injury lawyer, you feel confident applying for workers’ compensation and taking the first step getting justice after a bad accident at work. Your lawyer will help you defend yourself in court in order to demonstrate the liability of your employer, in addition to helping you file for the benefits you need.

What Kind of Accidents Can Workers Compensation Cover?

Every employer has an obligation to keep their workers safe on the job. If your employer fails to create a safe and hazard-free working environment and you become hurt as a consequence, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about filing for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation covers a variety of injuries and illnesses. Repetitive motion and overuse injuries are a leading cause of workplace injuries – these are injuries sustained by doing a certain task over and over again each day, such as heavy lifting. These injuries often include carpal tunnel, tendonitis, even broken bones.

Injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents may also be covered under workers’ compensation if your employers negligence contributed to the accident. Although slip and fall accidents may seem minor, injuries that they cause can leave an innocent employee out of work for months.

If your employer failed to maintain the safety of workplace equipment such as ladders, heavy machinery or even stairs and sidewalks, injuries sustained from that negligence may be covered as well. Many employees are hurt each year by using faulty equipment, and these injuries can be easily avoided if employers do to their due diligence to keep the workplace safe.

Similarly, if an employer fails to maintain their workplace, employees can become sick with illnesses such as mold poisoning, asbestosis, and more. Keeping a clean and virus-free environment also falls under the responsibilities of an employer. When an individual is repeatedly exposed to biological threats such as mold, asbestos, or lead, their health will almost certainly become damaged.

For employees who are required to drive a company vehicle, it’s important to remember that your employer is still responsible for your safety while you’re out driving. It’s the employer’s responsibility to maintain the company vehicle and ensure that the car is free from any threatening problems. If you suffer a car accident while on the clock, you may be entitled for workers’ compensation considering you are required to drive for work. Since every case is different, speak with a lawyer to best understand your options for financial assistance.

If Eligible, How Much Money Can I Receive For Workers Compensation?

The amount of compensation you may be eligible for from a successful workers’ compensation claim may typically depend on the severity of the job-related injuries you have sustained. For instance, if your injury keeps you from working for several months, you may receive more than a claim that keeps someone from work for a month or less.

Every case is different and no two illnesses or injuries are the same. As soon as you are hurt at work, the first action you should take is to tell your employer right away and seek medical care for your injuries. Next, contact a personal injury lawyer. The only way to know just how much money you can receive is by speaking with an attorney and successfully completing and submitting a workers’ compensation application.

A personal injury lawyer in Riverside, California can help you file an application for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation applications are difficult to execute and do not always get approved on the first submission. When you complete your own application, you run the risk of missing important details that strengthen your claim. The application will ask for detailed documentation that proves your situation, and when money and benefits are at stake, mistakes can be costly.

The best way to increase your chances of acceptance are to speak with a lawyer and make sure you have all pertinent information on hand in order to successfully apply for workers’ compensation – and to help you get the biggest amount possible.

The Accident Network Law Group Helps Thousands of Injured Californians File For Workers’ Compensation

Being hurt at work can change your life forever. When employers fail to take sufficient safety measures, innocent employees can suffer. Sadly, many Californians are unsure of how to file for workers’ compensation and miss out on money in their paycheck when they can’t work due to illness or injury.

At the Accident Network Law Group, we take the time to listen to every detail of your case in order to provide sound legal advice for those who need it most. We help Californians file for workers’ compensation benefits by ensuring they have all the right evidence, documentation, and information included in their application.

With the help of the Accident Network Law Group, you can file a workers’ compensation application with the guidance of a professional who will help you fight for your rights as an injured employee.

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