Did you slip and fall on someone else’s property? Slip and fall accidents occur all the time, and can cause surprisingly serious injuries. If your slip and fall injury occurs in a business, for example, a wet floor of a supermarket, then the business insurance policy could be responsible for covering the cost of treating your injuries. The property owner or manager of the premises where your serious injuries occurred has an obligation to ensure your safety. If this obligation is breached in any way, the property owner will likely be held liable for for their negligence.

But what happens if you believe you are partially at fault for your slip and fall accident? Some accident victims assume that if their accident was even partially their fault, that they will not be able to receive a settlement that helps them recover from the accident. But this is not always the case. If you speak with a lawyer right away, you will discover that you might be entitled to some money even if you caused your own accident in some capacity. Every situation is different, but California state law provides relief to slip and fall victims even if they bear some of the burden of the accident.

California is a comparative fault state, which is sometimes referred to as a comparative negligence state. Under comparative fault law, an injured accident victim can still recover damages even when they are partially to blame for the accident. If you believe you are even slightly at fault in the accident, talk to a lawyer right away. You may still have a chance at seeking compensation for your medical bills or lost wages, and the sooner you act, the better.

Are Property Owners Strictly Liable When Someone Slips And Falls On Their Property?

If a property owner fails to uphold certain safety standards or if a property owner is negligent in handling safety protocols, you may be entitled to compensation. Property owners are not strictly liable in these cases, although they do owe a duty of care to those who are on their property.

There are a handful of circumstances in which a property owner might not be held liable for your slip and fall. If you are trespassing on a property that you’re not legally allowed to be on, that property owner does not owe you the same duty of care that they’d owe you if you legally were on their property. `

Even if you weren’t trespassing, you might be considered partially negligent if you were acting recklessly, carelessly, or otherwise in a way that contributed to the fall. For example, maybe you were in a restaurant where a drink was spilled and left on the floor in a puddle. If you were running around the restaurant and slipped in the puddle, you might be held partially liable as you were not acting reasonably given the circumstances.

Under comparative negligence law, the state of California awards accident victims according to the percentage that they were at fault. If you were deemed 70% liable for your slip and fall accident, your settlement might be reduced by 70%. No matter your situation, speak to a lawyer. Determining fault is not always an easy task, and you can never be sure how much compensation you can receive until you talk to a qualified legal representative.

Can I Still Get Help Paying My Medical Bills If My Accident Was Partly My Fault?

Personal injury recovery is the amount that comes from a lawsuit or insurance settlement to compensate someone for physical and mental suffering, including injury to body, injury to reputation, or both. By filing a personal injury claim after a slip and fall accident, you can seek to get a settlement that helps pay your medical bills after an accident. Even if the accident was partially your fault, you shouldn’t have to suffer the cost of medical treatment on your own.

Your California slip and fall lawyer will defend your right to compensation before a judge and jury. In your settlement, you may receive compensation that covers the cost of your doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medication, and more. Medical bill compensation can even cover the cost of long-term rehabilitative care such as physical or occupational therapy, if necessary. Always seek medical care immediately after an accident to ensure your injuries are documented and treated properly.

Most slip and fall victims suffer injuries after their accident. Some of these injuries can be surprisingly severe, and can cause accident victims to spend considerable time away from work. Your slip and fall lawyer will figure lost wage compensation into your settlement so that you can make up for lost time and stay on top of your bills. You should not have to suffer unexpected expenses due to a slip and fall accident, even if it was partially your fault.

How Much Does It Cost To Speak To A Lawyer In California?

Some California personal injury attorneys charge for consultations, and only care about making money. At The Accident Network Law Group, we never charge for an initial consultation, and we never will. We are dedicated to being a legal resource for California slip and fall accident victims, and will stop at nothing to get you the settlement you deserve. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay money up front just to have your questions answered. It costs nothing to call and schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, and you have no obligation to work with our team afterward.

When you work with The Accident Network Law Group, you pay no fees unless we win your case. To have your initial questions answered about your slip and fall accident, call The Accident Network Law Group at (951) 291-0976 and schedule a consultation today. We have offices in Costa Mesa and Riverside, and will help any California slip and fall victim in need – even if you think you may be partially at fault.