Motorcycle riders deserve the same protections that other drivers do. If you have been involved in an accident that has left you with serious injuries, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most devastating types of vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of suffering debilitating injuries after a collision since the rider is exposed on the back of the vehicle. It’s important to remember, according to California state law, that all motorcyclists are required to wear helmets when riding. This law was put in place to keep motorcyclists safer in the event that a bad accident does happen, and thankfully it saves the lives of many accident victims.

But what happens if you have to get surgery after your motorcycle accident? Any kind of operation can cost quite a bit of money, especially when you’re blind sighted by the accident in the first place. Even minor surgeries sometimes require length aftercare and rehabilitation, which can add to your medical debt in no time. By filing a motorcycle accident claim, you can fight to recoup some of these losses – especially if the accident was caused due to someone else’s negligence.

Even if you are partially at fault, you may be eligible to file a motorcycle claim in California. Together with your lawyer, you can build a strong personal injury case that proves the negligence of the other party and demonstrates that you deserve compensation for your surgery costs.

How Can I Get Help Paying For Surgery After A Motorcycle Accident In California?

Motorcyclists like yourself are at risk of getting more hurt than their automobile-driving counterparts due to the inherent exposure of motorcycles. At The Accident Network Law Group, our attorneys understand how traumatic it can be to suffer this kind of accident, and we stop at nothing to provide motorcyclists with the financial help they need after getting hurt.

Personal injury recovery is the amount that comes from a lawsuit or insurance settlement to compensate someone for physical and mental suffering, including injury to body, injury to reputation, or both. This includes medical bill compensation. With a successful motorcycle accident claim, you can recoup the costs of your surgery so you don’t have to bear the financial burden of the accident. After many major surgeries, patients also need prescription medication or rehabilitative care to fully recover. These costs drive up the bill even more, and can easily put a motorcycle accident victim in debt. Your lawyer will factor every medical expense you have accrued after the accident to ensure you’re compensated sufficiently. Any medical expenses you will require in the future will also be considered, as you shouldn’t have to suffer debt due to someone else’s negligence on the road.

While you recover from surgery, you will likely need to stay home from work in order to properly heal. Most people can’t afford to take more than just a few days off, and it can be crippling to miss out on money in your paycheck, especially with family and loved ones to support. By filing a motorcycle claim, you can recover lost wages as well to make sure you don’t fall into financial hardship after your surgery. Workers’ compensation will not cover an accident that happened outside of the workplace, so filing a claim may be the only avenue for recovery available to you.

Your insurance may or may not cover the cost of your surgery. Every health insurance policy is different, and unfortunately many policy owners don’t discover they’re underinsured until a catastrophic accident happens. If your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your surgeries, you might be facing a hefty bill.

In the event that health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your injuries, you have other options for relief. Your motorcycle accident will liaise with your insurance company in order to discover options. If necessary, your lawyer will bring your case to court and defend your need for a settlement before a judge.

How Much Does It Cost To Talk With A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident?

The only way to get justice after a motorcycle accident and receive a settlement for your surgery costs is to contact a lawyer and file a personal injury claim. At The Accident Network Law Group, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation for California motorcycle accident victims where we provide you with advice and guidance with regard to affording your surgery. It costs nothing at all to speak with a lawyer and ask them questions about what legal options you have for relief.

Additionally, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fees at all unless we win your case. At The Accident Network Law Group, we understand you may be unaware if you’re eligible to file a motorcycle accident claim, and don’t have money to waste to find out. That’s why we never charge a fee to have your initial questions and concerns addressed, and we don’t charge you astronomical fees while we build your case together.

If you need surgery after a motorcycle accident, you likely have concerns about the cost of your medical care. We urge any accident victim in this situation to enlist the help of an attorney right away, as medical bills pile up quickly and they can be hard to tackle without adequate legal help.

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You shouldn’t have to pay the price if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.
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