Getting slammed into by a truck while driving on the open road can be incredibly devastating not only to your property but to your body. Injuries sustained in truck accidents may tend to be more serious due to the massive frame of a semi-truck. These injuries may leave you hurting, in more ways than one, for a long time. As scary as a giant semi-truck can be when it hits your car, it can be even more frightening when you consider the condition of the person driving the truck. Because being a truck driver can be a difficult and demanding position, many truck drivers may resort to drinking and driving to release the stresses of the job. Truck drivers have long commutes and it would not be shocking to discover that the truck driver that caused your accident was drinking when it happened. If your truck accident was caused by a drunk truck driver, you may be eligible for compensation for your damages. We want to ensure that the driver never makes the same mistake again and that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What are Other Reasons Truck Accidents Happen?

Truck driving is a stressful occupation. With so much time spent commuting long distances, oftentimes with strict deadlines to follow, certain truck drivers may overextend themselves to ensure prompt deliveries. Exhaustion is a major issue with truck drivers as many of them end up being overworked. An exhausted or sleepy truck driver is much more likely to lose focus on the road and cause an accident. Distracted driving is also possible. Truck drivers often forgo stopping to eat lunch or dinner and try to multitask. This can be another reason truck accidents happen.

Do I Need to Go to Court to Get the Compensation I Deserve?

Trucking companies will often try to fight back any blame placed on them for a truck accident. These are large, well-equipped entities that have access to strong legal help. However, if the evidence is in your favor, and you have an experienced truck accident attorney by your side, you may be able to settle outside of court. If the trucking companies do not budge, going to trial may be your best shot at obtaining the money you are owed. The Accident Network Law Group is ready to fight on your behalf to get you the most compensation possible.

Can An Attorney Help Me Get the Money I Am Rightfully Owed?

We understand how detrimental your injuries have been to your life and we know that financial compensation can alleviate some of the binds you are currently in. The Accident Network Law Group can ensure you get treated fairly, have your rights protected, and maximize the compensation you deserve by fighting for you from beginning to end. Contact our law firm today by calling (951) 554-1010 and schedule a free consultation.