When done safely, driving a motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways to get around. It’s more liberating than a standard passenger vehicle, and many motorcycle enthusiasts in California enjoy riding year-round due to our temperate weather climate. However, as motorcycle accident lawyers, we must tell you that it’s important to keep in mind that motorcyclists like yourself are at risk of getting more hurt than their automobile-driving counterparts due to the inherent exposure of motorcycles.

In a standard passenger vehicle, the driver is protected by the exterior of the vehicle. This is why typically only motorcyclists suffer from road rash, the result of bare skin coming in contact with the pavement. Road rash is a skin injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces that can leave a devastating impact. They are painful and, if not treated properly, can lead to a whole host of medical issues for an accident victim in the future.

What Causes Road Rash?

When an individual is ejected off their motorcycle and comes in contact with the pavement, the road’s surface tears into that individual’s skin. Pain and swelling are immediately felt by the injured victim and there will likely be extensive bleeding from the abrasion.

Road rash is sometimes referred to as “friction burn” or “gravel rash.” Symptoms of injuries can range from minor bleeding and scarring to more serious issues that require skin grafting. Always take as much precaution as possible to avoid suffering road rash after a motorcycle accident.

How Are Road Rash Injuries Treated?

If you have experienced a motorcycle accident and are suffering road rash, it is crucial to get help immediately. Seek medical attention and go to the emergency room or doctor to learn the first steps for caring for your injury.

In all cases, road rash needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It’s vital that you remove any dirt, gravel, excess blood or loose skin tissue from the wound. Sufficiently cleaning road rash is the best way to mitigate the risk of any serious infection occurring under the skin or in the bloodstream. If your road rash isn’t properly sanitized, a simple skin infection can lead to a life-threatening condition called sepsis.

You must also apply antibacterial ointment to the affected area and to bandage the wound as best as possible. Keep the wound dry and replace the bandages as instructed by your doctor. As always, this type of treatment is best executed by a medical professional. Most minor road rash is treated according to these steps and the wounds can be easily maintained and cleaned from home. A health care professional will instruct you regarding how to continue to care for your road rash, including dressing and re-dressing the affected area.

After more serious motorcycle accidents, road rash may require skin grafting. Skin grafting is a type of surgical procedure in which an open wound is repaired with skin transplanted from another part of the body. The transplanted tissue is called a skin graft. Depending on the size and severity of your road rash, skin grafts can be a costly medical procedure that requires extensive recovery time.

With any open wound, there is a major risk of infection if the wound is not adequately treated. Always speak to a medical professional about your road rash after a motorcycle accident and be sure to properly clean and maintain any open wounds.

What Steps Should I Take To Recover From A Motorcycle Accident?

When you experience road rash or any other kind of injury after a motorcycle accident, the most important step to take is to seek medical assistance. Speak with a doctor in order to learn and understand the extent of your injuries. Be sure to document your doctor’s visits and the nature of your injuries, as well as keep track of your medical expenses.

Next, contact an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer in California. If you were hit by a car while riding a motorcycle, you may be able to file a case and receive compensation for what you have suffered. If you were hurt due to another driver’s reckless behavior, you shouldn’t have to pay the price for their negligence. Contact a lawyer and schedule a personal injury lawsuit compensation to understand the legal options that apply to your situation.

A lawyer can help you create a strong personal injury lawsuit in order to hold the at-fault party liable for your injuries. If the car that hit you is deemed to be at-fault in court, you may receive compensation for your medical expenses. You can seek compensation for medical expenses, which include hospitalization costs, doctor visits and co-pays, necessary surgeries, imaging studies, prescription medication, both short- and long-term rehabilitative care, and more. You may also receive compensation for lost wages and diminished earnings, as time spent away from work is treated as economic damages in a court of law. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for someone else’s negligence.

In addition to lost wages and medical expenses, you may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages aren’t incorporated into a settlement to recoup losses, rather to punish the negligent party for egregious or abnormally depraved behavior. Punitive damages are considered punishment and are typically awarded at the court’s discretion when the defendant’s behavior is found to be especially harmful. In these cases, compensation for your pain and suffering are typically incorporated into your settlement as well.

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Motorcycle accidents have the potential to not only do significant property damage but to impact your personal, work, and financial life. If you missed time from work and lost wages because of it, a motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover and lost wages by taking legal action.

Road rash can be a debilitating injury and should be taken seriously. If you suffered a motorcycle accident and experienced road rash, the Accident Network law Group is by your side. We take the time to understand exactly what you suffered and will commit ourselves to awarding you as much compensation as possible.

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