When an individual suffers a car accident while driving alone, the process of filing an insurance claim afterward is typically rather straightforward. However, when there are more than one passenger from your family in the vehicle as well, the process becomes more complex and you will need a car accident lawyer.

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company that explains you costs, your coverages (the different things your policy covers) and your exclusions (the things your policy does not cover). It is crucial that you understand the extent of your auto insurance coverage in order to mitigate the risk of not being able to get compensation after a car accident. This could lead to serious financial hardship.

After a car accident, you and your loved ones’ lives can change in the blink of an eye. Talk with your insurance carrier and ensure an intra-family exclusion policy is not a factor in your insurance coverage. So many of us often drive with family members in the car, so it’s important to be aware of anything that can potentially cause financial hardship in the future.

What Are Intra-Family Exclusion Policies For Car Accidents?

Intra-family personal injury claims apply only to car accident victims who have become injured while riding as a passenger in a car that was operated by their own family member. In this context, family members strictly refer to an individual’s mother, father, sister, brother or spouse.

After a car accident, victims will file a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims between family members, in the context of car accidents of this nature, are labeled as intra-family lawsuits. In the case of intra-family lawsuits, most people do not have sufficient insurance coverage to cover claims of this nature. This, unfortunately, means that accident victims cannot get compensation that covers the damages after the accident, such as money for medical bills or to make up for lost wages.

For this reason, it’s important to talk with your insurance company regarding intra-family exclusion policies. You want to ensure that intra-family exclusion is not part of your accident insurance coverage, in order to be proactively be ready in case an accident of this nature occurs. Even if you have a full-coverage auto policy, you may need to read the fine print to ensure family members are not excluded. With this exclusion in place, your loved ones may need to may medical bills out of pocket and may not have the option to be compensated for their lost wages.

How Can I Make Sure My Injured Family Member Receives Compensation After A Car Accident?

When an individual driver with no passengers suffers an accident, that individual may be eligible for compensation for their injuries if their car crash occurred due to the negligence of another driver. Your family members shouldn’t have to be excluded from taking this route. Consult with your insurance carrier as soon as possible so that if your family member suffers a car accident with you, they are eligible to seek compensation.

Your insurance carrier will help you review your policy in order to see what is covered and what is excluded under your specific type of coverage. Many California drivers are unaware that they lack this type of coverage, and it often leaves unsuspecting victims with massive medical debt and no way to pay their bills if they are left too injured to work and earn money.

Your insurance agent can help expand your coverage in order to include family members as well. This is the smartest option an automobile driver can take, as so many people drive with family members in the car every day, yet are unaware of how devastating an accident can be since their family members are excluded from insurance protection while you drive.

What Is The Purpose Of The Intra-Family Exclusion Policy?

The intra-family exclusion is included in many insurance policies in order to save insurance companies money. When you file a claim after a car accident, your insurance company is required to pay out your claim, so as long as it is valid and compliant with your policy. With the intra-family exclusion in place, insurance companies are exempt from being required to pay our valid claims, resulting in financial hardship for accident victims.

Always be aware of the fine details regarding your insurance policies, and discuss this exclusion with your insurer. Sometimes, the intra-family exclusion is referred to as a “household exclusion” or “family exclusion,” so make sure that you ask your insurance agent exactly what’s covered in your policy. Amending your coverage is the only way to effectively avoid this issue, and it could save you and your family thousands of dollars.

Can The Intra-Family Exclusion Policy Affect My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

No two personal injury lawsuits are alike, just as no two car accidents occur under the same circumstances. Generally speaking, an intra-family exclusion on your insurance policy will likely affect your family members’ ability to seek compensation after a bad car accident.

If you have any questions about intra-family exclusion and how it may affect your prospective personal injury lawsuit, the best course of action is to contact a lawyer right away. Only a car accident attorney understands how insurance coverage applies to your accident case, and only under the guidance of a lawyer can you navigate the legal system in order to effectively earn the compensation you deserve.

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