Will a video of your accident help with your personal injury case? Yes, absolutely. Although, ideally, you should have more than one. In fact, it’s best to have as many as possible. And that shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds since there are several possible sources of videos and several different ways they can help.

First, if you have a dash cam, it might just capture the right footage to document what actually happened. So if you don’t have one yet, make getting one your very next project.

Of course, your cell phone will help too, but of course not during the actual accident. However, it will be invaluable if you’re dealing with a hit and run driver as it lets you capture the other driver as well as his or her car, complete with the license plate.

And if you catch the other driver apologizing for crashing into you, so much the better, especially if their insurance tries to blame the crash on you and gets the driver to retract the admission of guilt.

Sources of Video Footage

There are a number of sources of video footage that can help your personal injury case. Depending on where the accident happened, one or more of the following might be available.

First of all, there’s your own dash cam. These days, they are so affordable and high quality that just about everybody should have one. So if you don’t have one yet, make that your very next project. Here’s how to install a dash cam properly.

And there’s not just your own dash cam either. Others have them too, so witnesses may have recorded the accident with their own cameras. Or with their phones.

Red Light Cameras

Another great source for video footage are red-light cameras. They are very common at California intersections and designed to capture what’s going on. They can clearly show which car was speeding, which car ran the red light, and which car hit the other one. They are also saved automatically for six months, and even longer if they are needed as evidence.

Surveillance Cameras

Another great source for video footage are surveillance cameras. These days, a lot of stores have them, from convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, and just about everybody else.

More Advantages of Dash Cam Videos

Dash cam videos can help you fill in your memory, for example by reminding you of things you may have forgotten or missed. If there are witnesses that contradict each other, a dash cam video can help by showing what really happened and proving that the other driver caused the accident.

Dash cam footage is also invaluable if another driver caused the accident on purpose and then tries to blame the victim. This will help keep you from becoming a victim of insurance fraud.

How to Get Access to Camera Footage?

You may know or suspect that there are videos of the accident out there, including red light videos, CCTV surveillance videos, other people’s dash cam videos, and more, but how do you get access to them so they’ll help your case in court?

Start with doing research to find out what is available. Then get help with the access. At this point you should find an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you. Your lawyer can ensure that the evidence is not destroyed, and can also subpoena the videos as evidence if needed.

A “Day in the Life” Video

In addition to the videos that have captured the kinds of details of the accident that we have just discussed, there is another type of video that can lend very powerful support to your case. It is a completely different kind of video and it can be really compelling in bringing across your pain and suffering, and just why it is so important to fully compensate you for your losses.

This type of video shows your personal story and your daily life. It shows how challenging it is for you to perform a range of daily tasks, from getting out of bed to getting dressed and performing personal hygiene tasks, such as brushing your teeth. It can also show you as you prepare your food and eat it.

In fact, you may not be able to do any or all these things without help. The same may be true when it comes to tending to your wounds, which will really help the audience see the severity of your injuries.

The video can also show the audience how difficult it is for you to move around, especially if you need a wheelchair or a walker to do it. You might need help with getting in and out of bed or getting up from a chair, as well as with getting into transportation to go to your doctor’s office. It will vividly demonstrate how your injuries prevent you from living your normal life, doing your job, and doing the things that would bring joy to your life.

How Your Lawyers Can Help You

Your lawyers will assemble all this evidence and more to make it very clear to the insurance company how much you deserve the compensation they are asking for. And if they cannot come to a satisfactory agreement, they will take it to court and fight for you in front of a jury or the judge.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, and you want to be fairly compensated for your injuries, losses, as well as for your pain and suffering, you need an experienced car accident attorney. We have that kind of experience, and we fight for our clients. Call us or email us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to help you.